Best 5 Methods to Fix Lag and Ping Problem in PUBG Mobile – TechErrorz


Best 5 Methods to Fix Lag and Ping Problem in PUBG Mobile – TechErrorz

PUBGM has crossed 100,000,000+ Downloads which is the best popular game in the market.

PUBGM is increasing its internal storage in every Update and by this process internal storage of our mobile device is decreasing and hence, Game is lagging more. For this i have mentioned some of the best tricks to remove lag problem on your device. PUBG developers are not optimizing the game in low-end device and due to that people are facing soo much lags in the game.

If we land in the map like, Pochinki, Georgopool, Military Base, etc we can face lag because in that place many players land there for loots and kill.

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We can fix lag and ping problem with the methods described below:

5 methods of Fixing Lag Problem in PUBGM

1. Use GFX tool

Go to Play Store and search for GFX tool and you can see this

It reduces the lag as well as it improves graphics. It is very easy to use and it is the top apk for reducing lag problem in PUBG.

To Use GFX tool follow these steps

  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Search for GFX Tool
  3. Download and install the first one.Open it
  4. Select the “Game Version”.
  5. Adjust the graphics mode to “So Smooth”
  6. Adjust the Graphics resolution to “1280×720”
  7. Choose the Classic style.
  8. Choose “60 FPS” in the FPS section of the app.
  9. Disable Shadows.
  10. Adjust Rendering Quality to ‘Low’
  11. Disable Light Effects.
  12. Enable “Save Control” settings.
  13. Enable “GPU optimization” which reduces unnecessary effects.
  14. Save the Settings and Run the game.

2. Remove Unnecessary Applications from your device

Removing unnecessary applications, It improves your device condition. It will free up your RAM usage and would free up space on your internal memory.

For the installation of game, You need 2GB of RAM in your devices. So, you must uninstall unnecessary apps from your device which would free up most of the RAM space.

3. Clearing Cache

Whenever you run any applications on your device, it occupies some space in your device. Clear all caches of all the applications installed on your device.

To clear cache, follow these steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to your Device Settings
  2. Open your “App Management”
  3. Select an App at a time.
  4. Clear their Cache
  5. Reboot your Device

4. Repairing the Game

There might be some problems in your download files of the PUBG mobile app.

You can fix that easily. During the loading time, there are three options: Settings, Repair, and Language

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  1. Click on the Repair.
  2. After clicking it will reinstall automatically.
  3. After that it will start downloading data.
  4. Then you can enjoy the game.

Some Minor Tricks

You can improve your gaming by following some of the tips mentioned below

  • While Playing the game Turnoff the mike and use it while necessary.
  • Play in low graphics.
  • Your internet connection must be stable and fast.

Fixing Ping Problem in PUBGM

We can found many problems during high ping. We get killed by enemy many times when the ping gets high.

While playing, We spot enemy but we can’t kill it due to high ping conditions.

For that i have mentioned some special tricks for cooling down the ping.

1. Switch to Airplane Mode

In this method we don’t need any applications. It is simple because it is located in our device.

Airplane mode helps to stop all the network work by disabling network access in your device.

To reduce the ping issue, follow these steps:

  • During your gameplay, swipe down the navigation menu from the top.
  • Click on Airplane Mode.
  • Wait for 10 seconds and again click on Airplane mode.
  • Your ping issue will be solved.

But sometimes it does not work and you should have to try other steps.

2. Install Pinger v.2 To Fix Ping Problem in PUBGM

Pinger helps to reduce ping by providing a direct route to access the server. Hence, it reduces additional requests and reduces ping in the game.

To reduce ping issues by Pinger v.2, follow these steps:

  1. Download Pingerv.2 from the playstore.
  2. Install in your device.
  3. Clear all the recent running apps
  4. Open Pinger v.2
  5. Select your Ping Mode (Recommended “Extreme”)
  6. Turn on and wait until Pinger gets activate
  7. Go to your home screen by tapping your home button
  8. Open any game and enjoy it.

After all these steps i hope it will work for you. Now enjoy the Game.





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