How to know if your Computer is Infected with a Virus and Remove it – TechErrorz


How to know if your Computer is Infected with a Virus and Remove it – TechErrorz

A Computer Virus is a Computer Program specially designed to damage the data,system and others in the computer. Computer Virus are an ongoing and evolving threat and they make our computer unstable. Many people are suffered from computer virus and they can do nothing. Also there are many hackers trying to steal your personal data and they can input the virus program in your system through social media, E-mail, Messages and others.

But how can you get to know if your computer is infected from virus? There are many ways to find it . You will get many annoying notifications and messages.

What are the signs of computer virus?

Computer Virus can affect your computer at any time unexpectedly. It can crash your system data and important files. There are some signs of how computer is infected from virus.

  • Pop-up messages
  • Your browser homepage changed without your input
  • Your computer is slowing down
  • Crashes
  • Unusual error messages
  • Simple error on the browser
  • Creates Shortcuts files automatically
  • Everything seems to work perfectly on your PC
  • Unusual Messages on screen Everytime
  • Annoying Ads Everytime
  • Internet traffic suspiciously increases
  • 18+ sites pops up on your browser
  • Auto-Restart
  • Security Software will be disabled

What can we do if the computer is infected with virus?

When your computer gets slow it doesn’t mean that it is affected with Virus, the problems may be your system Memory(RAM) LOW or your browser may be using too much resources.

So don’t judge quickly, take patience and investigate properly at first. After all you should try some other methods.

What can we do when the computer is infected with virus? Are there any Solutions? Yes, We can decrease and solve the virus problems from our computer and there are many solutions that i will mention in the below.

#1 Install latest version of Antivirus Software

Credit: Windows Report

Antivirus Software is the powerful software that is designed to detect and remove the viruses from computer system. The first steps you need to do is Install/Update Antivirus Software in your Computer. Buy a Antivirus software from trusted sites because there are many sites which will provide you the software but will fraud. I suggest you to use the ESET NOD32 Antivirus software because it has high ability of Protecting and removing the system viruses and can keep your system safe.

#2 Run a full security scan

After the complete installation of Antivirus software, Full scan your computer system. When you scan your system, the software will detect and remove the viruses occuring in your computer system.

#3 Change your all Privacy Passwords


After completing full scan, change the all password of your computer system and other social media too because the virus may be transferred by the hackers too. The password must be strong and long.

Clear all the data of your browsers because there can be still some malware which can affect your systems. Don’t browse random websites in your browser, there may be many infected sites which can hamper your systems and don’t click on pops up message in the browsers.

If you need then download the resources from trusted websites only and never download free software because the software may be affected from malwares.


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