How do i get Dark Mode on Older Android Smartphones – TechErrorz


How do i get Dark Mode on Older Android Smartphones – TechErrorz

Google and Many other companies has newly launched the dark mode features and many others are also working for it. Google has already introduced a system-wide dark mode on Android 10. And also Many Google apps has already got this features.

Dark Mode is specially designed by programmer for reducing eye strain. These days every people has Smartphone on their hands and they use it most of the times. It is very bad to use smartphone for long time and it will definitely reduces our eye power because of long use.

Many older Android Smartphones are not able to use this features. So, in this article, I will suggest you the best Dark Mode apps that will activate your Night Mode Features.

How do i get Dark Mode on Older Android Smartphones?

For getting this features, you need to follow some steps which i mention below. This Night Mode apps works on every older smartphones with both Rooted and Non-Rooted Devices.

Step 1.

At first, Go to the Play Store and Search for Dark Mode app also i mentioned the screen shots.

Dark Mode

Step 2.

Download the Dark Mode app and after the complete installation, Open the app.

Step 3.

After opening, it requests for permission. You must allow all permissions mentioned by the app.

Step 4.

After that, you will see some information just like below,

Dark Mode

Step 5.

You are all set now. You can now get the dark mode on many apps but in some apps of google like, G-mail and others app you cannot activate in it.

Dark Mode

Step 6.

You also can easily turn off the dark mode by entering in the Dark Mode apps.

If you don’t have dark mode features in your smartphone then you can easily download the app from the above process. It will help your eyes from damaging.


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