How to Change WiFi Password and Username in Short and Fast Steps


How to Change WiFi Password and Username in Short and Fast Steps

We all use internet and literally in every home there is a connection of WiFi. We can find many hackers in our society and if our WiFi connects more user than needed it gives slow performance in loading some internet sites or YouTube videos or others. So, for that we need to change our WiFi Passwords. In this article, I will suggest you step by step how to change the WiFi Password in best, fast and easy methods.

You can technically change your WiFi password as many times as you want in a year. How many times you choose to do it depends on how secure you want your network to be. If you want to keep it really secure, you might choose to change your password as much as once a month. However, you should also consider convenience when making your decision. Every time you change your password on your router, you’ll also have to enter the new password on all the devices that regularly connect to your network.

How  to Change WiFi Password?

Step 1. Open Your Router Config Page.
Router Configuration Page
Router Configuration Page

You should have to enter your router configuration IP address in the web browser. If you forget the IP address then use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to the router. This will bypass the need for the Wi-Fi password.

  • If it don’t worked for you then, open the Command Prompt by pressing the Windows key + R and entering cmd. Once the Command Prompt opens, type ipconfig and press Enter. Look for your active connection in the list and find the Default Gateway address. This is typically your router address.
  • Also if it didn’t suits for you then, press and hold the Reset button on your router for about 30 seconds to revert it to factory default settings. Then, look up the default address for that router model and enter it into your browser.
Step 2. Enter your Username & Password
Username and Password
Username and Password

Now in this page, you will be asked to Enter your Router’s Username and Password. If you haven’t made any changes since you set your Wi-Fi then maximum chances of Username is Admin and Password is also Admin but remember it varies from model to model, which means every model has its own username and password.

  • Some how if you’ve changed the login in the past and since forgot it, or received the router as a hand-me-down and the previous owner didn’t reset it, press and hold the Reset button on your router for about 30 seconds to revert it to factory default settings. This will allow to login to your default accounts.

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Step 3. Open the Wireless Section
Wireless Section
Wireless Section

You can easily find your wireless section as shown in the image. Once you have seen click on wireless and it will give you sub sections.

Step 4. Change your Username
Change your Router's Username
Change your Router’s Username

You can Change or Edit your Router’s Username from the options Wireless Settings you can easily change it. You can set any Name in your WiFi.

Step 5. Change your Password
Change your Router's Password
Change your Router’s Password

After changing the Username, just below you can see the option of Wireless Security from that you can easily set your WiFi password. I recommend you to set your WiFi Password Strong which can be created by using the special characters like “@“, “!“, “#“, “$” and many others.

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After all the steps, you are all set now. Just click the save button located in the down side corner of the screen. After saving now you can connect your WiFi to your devices.


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