How to Enable Dark Mode in Twitter for Android 2019 – TechErrorz


How to Enable Dark Mode in Twitter for Android 2019 – TechErrorz

Dark Mode on each and every apps has now become trend and we have habits of following the trend. Not only that but also dark mode helps to less strain on your eyes. Having features of dark mode on your smartphone is very good.

Many trend companies like Google, Apple and Many others are giving more efforts for Dark Mode. And talking to Google they are planning a System-Wide Dark Mode with Android 10, which will forces every apps to run dark mode.

If you are scrolling news feed on twitter at night, enabling dark mode will help to reduce white and turn it into dark which will protect your eyes.

How to enable Dark Mode in Twitter for Android

Dark Mode is very great features in these days and the developers are also giving their full efforts and just twitter also has introduced dark mode. In this article, i will suggest you some steps to enable dark mode features on your Android.

Step 1. At first, Head towards Play Store and Update your Twitter app or if it is already updated then come back.

Play Store Twitter

Step 2. After Updating, Open the Twitter app and Sign in with your Account.

Step 3. After Signing, You will face the interface like this.

Twitter Home

Step 4. Tap on your Profile which is located on Left Up Corner and in the down left corner you can see bulb icon which will interface like this.

Twitter Profile

Step 5. After tapping on bulb, you are all set now and ready to experience the dark mode theme of Twitter app.

Twitter Dark Mode

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Enjoy the dark mode of twitter app and give us your feedback how did you feel after using it.



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