How to enable Dark mode on Instagram for Android & ios Devices – TechErrorz



How to enable Dark mode on Instagram for Android & ios Devices – TechErrorz

All the Social Medias are growing and developing faster with its regular updates. In the these days, we can see many features available in the different social medias like: Hd quality video calling, Clear voice call, Clean Chat, Highest quality Photo/ Video uploading & Many More. Social Medias has changed our life far better. With the help of social medias we can earn Name, Fame, Money and Many Others. Many people life has changed through social media and many life has been saved through it.


And just like Instagram is another social media which we use it in our daily life. Instagram has been updated with different versions and with each versions it has created some new features. After several days and years, Instagram has finally crated Dark Mode features available in both Android and IOS devices.


Dark Mode is a Colour scheme that provides light-coloured text and icons on a dark background which helps in looking attractive. It saves our eyes too when you are using at night and with the help of dark mode it makes more excited to use it.


Enable process for Instagram Dark Mode:

  1. You must be sure that you have the latest version of Instagram on your IOS or Android Devices. To be sure go to the App Store or Play Store and search Instagram app for double check.
  2. If you are already using the Android 10 or iOS 13 dark mode from the beginning of your device, then Instagram will open automatically in the new colour scheme.
  3. For Android 10 users, At first go to settings, then Display and then Advanced and after that select Dark from the Device theme menu.
  4. For IOS 13 users, At first go to settings, then Display and Brightness and then select Dark.
  5. Then you are all set for it.

Instagram has taken a long time to create this features and it is finally been using in all included devices. If you are trying Instagram’s new app Threads then you can decide how dark you want to create. To use it Click on the Home Button, then click on themes and there are a few options available including Daylight, Twilight, Midnight, Aurora, and Sunrise


Enjoy the Instagram Dark Mode.

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