How to Turn your Android Notch into a Battery Indicator – TechErrorz


How to Turn your Android Notch into a Battery Indicator – TechErrorz

The notch displays is known as a small cut-out at the top of the screen to house the front camera, speakers and various sensors. We can see many Android Smartphones including with Notch Display in it because the notch display makes the phone looks more attractive . The Smartphone developers are making Notch looks more attractive because many users hate the notch and many love it.

And to look it more great, i will suggest you the best apps that will help you to look your android smartphone more attractive and helpful. This app not only make attractive, also it shows the battery percentage. The app has lots of features in it and available Free Demo in Play Store.

How to turn your Android Notch into a Battery Indicator?

Notch & S10 Battery bar

The app has many useful features. You can easily add this notch app features on your smartphone because it will no matter how your notch size it. You can easily maintain the size of it. In this article, i will share you how to turn a notch into battery indicator step by step.

Step 1-

Notch & S10 Battery bar trial

At first, Download the App from Play Store or you can easily download the App by just tapping here and install it on your device.

Step 2-

After complete installation of the app, Open it and grant whatever permission it request for.

Step 3-

Notch & S10 Battery bar trial

After that, you will get the screen interface like this and two options to add the battery indicator – Overlay and Wallpaper.

Step 4-

Notch & S10 Battery bar trial

And then you need to tap on Overlay and enable the Overlay “Beta”. You can easily adjust your shape and size of your Notch.

Step 5-

From there you can adjust shape and size and after that You can do the same thing on custom Wallpapers by selecting the ‘Wallpaper’.

Notch & S10 Battery bar trial

That’s all!! Hope you will love this app because i really liked this app due to its great features.


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