Pixel Gun 3D Mod apk v18.0.0 APK (MOD money) for android


Pixel Gun 3d Mod apk is a multiplayer shooter game where you can enjoy a lot with other online players. If you really like Minecraft then you can obviously choose Pixel Gun 3d which has best graphics and Control settings. Now you have a perfect chance to battle with your friends, classmates and colleagues or anyone else around the world.

Pixel gun 3D mod Apk allows the players/ Gamers or users to make up their very own character with the use of simple editing tool.

NamePixel Gun 3d Mod apk
Android Version4.1 and up
Current Versionv18.0.0
Size80 MB

Features of Pixel Gun 3d Mod apk

Multiplayer Modes:

  • It has unique map with different sizes.
  • It is played both locally and worldwide (up to 8 players)
  • You can even chat with your friends during Death Match mode
  • Golden Desert Eagle and Lightsaber, from simple weapons to various weapons
Pixel Gun 3d Mod apk
Pixel Gun 3d

Cooperative Mode

  • You can easily play up to 4 players
  • Hardcore gameplay
  • You can get 8 special Maps
  • Can chat with friends during match

Battle Royale Mode in Pixel Gun 3d Mod apk

In this mode you can find big map with a lot numbers of other online gamers in which you will get victory after last man standing. You have to survive till last to get the victory. In this mode you can see everyone during the fire.

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Survival Campaign

It is a story mode gameplay in which your character is “face-to-face” with a crowd of corpses attacking from all sides.In this mode, the police and the robbers can be seen along with numerous enemies of nurse and of course SWAT members. You have to wipe everyone to achieve the victory. Some of it’s features are,

  • You can experience great graphics
  • New cool songs
  • Training campaign for the beginners

Create Skin

Now in Pixel Gun 3d, You can create your own skin and use it in multiplayer games!
Pixel Gun 3d Hack
Pixel Gun 3d

Download Pixel Gun 3d Mod apk 18.0.0

What Feedback the users gave in this game

1st User:

Based on my experience when i played pixel gun 3D. well its “used to” be a great game until they made it a pay to win kind of game. I started playing this game when i was back in grade 2 or 3. i liked it a lot but when i figured out what is this game all about i started to understand that this is a pay to win kind of game. Pixel Gun please stop this Pay to Win Game and make it fair for all us free to play players.

2nd User:

I love this game! One of my favorite games, if not my favorite. Love the graphics and the variety of weapons, modes, and gadgets. It can be addicting but that just means it’s fun. I used to play on a tablet and then my phone which I still do and I’ve never lost my enjoyment for the game. The reason I’m giving it four stars is because yesterday I tried PC and I discovered the controls SUCK. I use mobile but for some people PC is there only option and there missing out on a great game.

3rd User:

Pretty decent game considering the amount of unique weapons, game modes, and maps. However, a few things that MUST change are the broken weapons and the pay to win aspect of the game. Until the changes happen, I’m not going to give it a four or five star. Yes this game is still playable but until an update with balance changes happen, I won’t play, at least not as frequently as before. EDIT: Is it just me or did balance changes really happen. It’s so much easier to be played now. 🙂

How to install the game?

If you want to download the mod games from our site then you need to follow some steps to get this apk.


Step 1
Make sure you have uninstalled the existed Play Store version of the game in your device. If you do not do this step, the game will definitely fail to install.
Step 2
Download all the files we provide below. Note that in addition to the APK file, you also have an OBB compressed file.
Step 3
Use File Manager to access the folder that you saved them, then open the APK file and install it as normal.
Step 4
Unpack the OBB file, you get a Data directory of the game, extract it to the Android/OBB. Wait for a few seconds to complete the process.
Step 5
After finishing, you can open the game and enjoy it right away.



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