PUBG Mobile Season 10 Price, Update, Release date and New Skins, Character, Outfits and more


PUBG Mobile Season 10 Price, Update, Release date and New Skins, Character, Outfits and more

The New PUBG Mobile Season 10 is almost here with New Skins, Character, Outfits and many more. PUBG Mobile is giving more updates everyday with new features.

After the Payload Mode through the recent 0.15.0 update, Tencent is introducing New Season 10 Royale Pass in PUBGM.

Season 10 Release Date

The season 10 is scheduled to update on November 10 Whereas the season 9 will be locked on November 9.

Lets talk about season 10 cost

In every season, We get new and amazing rewards from the royale pass and also in season 10 we are sure to get new rewards that we are going to be loved.

The Elite PUBG Mobile Royale Pass is expected to cost 600 UC which adds up to roughly £9.99 ($12). For those looking to get a bit more bang for their buck can go for the Elite Upgrade Plus which will cost around 1800 UC which is roughly £28 ($35).

So what’s New on Season 10?

The new themes i.e Fury of the Wasteland will be in our inventory, the developers are offering desert-themed weapons and clothing. There are new skins for parachutes, new emotes, and complementing avatar frames.

On the upcoming season, the devs likely introduce a new Team Deathmatch mode called The Ruins.

We are going to be receiving a new weapon named MP5K, which is sub machine gun which only exists on vikendi and replaces vector on the map. The MP5K uses 9mm ammo and has a hit damage rate of 33.

We can get Brand New Character Named Sara!

Sara will be the second new character to be added to the game after Victor. She will come with loads of new emotes, catchphrases and costume which you can unlock through completing missions and achievements!

“Sara is a vehicle expert who loves automobiles and going for rides. She excels at reinforcing vehicles so that they take less damage when she drives or is riding in a vehicle”

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