Top 7 Best Lock Screen Apps for Android 2019 – TechErrorz


Top 7 Best Lock Screen Apps for Android 2019 – TechErrorz

Keeping your smartphone safe by using lock screen is very important because some unknown person can use it when you have some important data in your device. Whenever some kids uses your phone it makes you feel irritating, isn’t it? because i feel so irritate whenever someone use my phone. So i set my phone with privacy by using best lock screen that i am going to suggest you in this articles.

There are some lock screen that i am going to suggest you and it is trusted with lots of features.

#1 Applock by DoMobile Lab

Applock by DoMobile is the best and trusted apps which is ranked best on Google Play. It includes lots of lock screen features. It can even lock your images and videos. It supports fingerprint too and you can even lock incoming calls, uninstalling apps, and your various system functions like Bluetooth.

Even you can hide your app lock and open it through your Dial pad, internet browser and others which is more trusted and protected.

It is available free in Google Play and also you can use premium by paying.

#2 CM Lock – Security Lockscreen

CM Lock is also the best used and ranked apps from play store. It is the best and trusted apps that can protect your privacy without any doubt. It includes lots of features like Screen Lock, Intruder selfie, Anti-Theft Protection, Notification Reminder & Instant Reply and many more. It is available free in Play Store so you can easily download it from the link below.

#3 AppLocker by BGNmobi

AppLocker by BGNmobi is very trusted applock in which you can easily find it on google play in Free or you also get its premium features by Paid. It has lots of features to unlock it likewise Fingerprint, Pattern, Pin and many others. It is trusted and you wont get any unnecessary messages or links.

#4 Fireflies lockscreen

Fireflies lockscreen is the best apps for Screen lock and it has lots of themes with great wallpapers. Its main feature is its themes and its lock screen styles. It also includes best ringtones with animations of fluttering fireflies and butterflies. You will going to love it after using this apps.

#5 Emoji Lock Screen

In these days we just use emoji while texting someone and without using emoji we feel uncomfortable to talk. We just love to use emoji in every subject and also you can use the emoji in your lock screen too. You can get lots of features with best emojis. You can use Pin lock and Pattern lock with best beautiful themes and wallpapers.

#6 Black Hole – Lock Screen

Black Hole is one of the best app lock with launcher features included in it. You can customize many functions in it and it is the best trusted apps. You can get best background themes and wallpapers. It is very easy to download and very easy to use. It is available free in play store.

#7 Smart AppLock

Smart AppLock is another best lock screen apps with lots of features included in it. It can lock your Photos, Videos, Apps, and many others which will keep your device secured. It is very trusted apps and you won’t get any errors while using it. It also includes Fingerprint Lock screen which makes your phone more standard.

Hope you will love these lock screen apps that i have mentioned.


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